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How do I choose an asset to invest in?

There are three ways to select an asset from the Asset List on the platform:

If you do not want to go through each and every asset, but you want to execute investments by yourself, use the credit score and interest rate slider on the top of the page to easily navigate between different levels of return and risk tolerance based on your preferences. Besides these options, you will also have an opportunity to activate additional filters like loan size, the available amount for investment, loan originator, term, and buyback preference.

If you every time want to invest in assets based on similar criteria, Auto-Invest is an automatic tool which picks a basket of assets that meet your specified criteria. You can specify the following criteria: credit score, interest rate, loan originator, size of an investment in one asset, maximum investment using the plan, maximum term, and whether to reinvest earned interest. In the tool settings page, you can see how many assets meet your specified criteria and adjust your settings accordingly. Once you fine-tune the criteria, give the plan a name and enjoy!

If you want to control every investment, you can manually pick every asset based on details in the asset preview page of each asset. To view the details, go to Assets page (https://debitum.network/en/assets/), select and click on an asset you are interested in. You will find the purpose of the loan, business sector, registration date, company details, and any additional documents that Loan Originator has provided Debitum Network. Based on this information, you can specify the size of the investment and add the asset to your portfolio.

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* Investing puts your capital at risk. Any indicated historic return does not guarantee the same future performance.