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Can I change my bank account that I am withdrawing the money to?

The bank account can only be changed by making another transaction from a different bank, then the funds can be moved to the secondary account.

If you wish to remove a bank account from your profile you need to send the following information (this way we make sure that there are no illicit activities going on) to our support staff via support@debitum.network:
1. Your original bank account number:
2. Your original bank account name:
3. Your subject/reference (this is the 4 letter and 8 number combination):
4. Please provide the original sum that you had deposited into Debitum Network.
5. The number of deposits from the bank account that should be removed.

Additionally, once that information is complete please formulate a request:
(something similar to; I, XXX XXX, request that my old bank account XXX XXX, be removed from the platform)

This is done so we would have a record of the request for future reference on why an inactive account is on the platform.

Lastly please be informed that we would not be fully removing the account but we would be scrambling the IBAN so that even if you would press it by mistake we as admins would be able to recognize that this is not a real bank account.

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